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Do you operate trucks or machinery and never have the right bolts to service or maintain them?

Don’t wait until the next costly breakdown occurs, purchase “A-Bucket-A-Nuts-N-Bolts™” and get organized before it happens. This would be the most affordable way for anybody to purchase a large assortment of hi-tensile nuts and bolts.

  • We know most people only require a small quantity of each bolt size, so we don’t ask or expect clients to purchase a large quantity of every size to obtain a bulk-buying discount.
  • For our assortments, the Minimum discount that we deduct from the Standard Recommended Retail Price List for nuts and bolts is 45% and regardless of the quantities, that presents a bulk-buying discount for every size supplied in the assortment.
  • There are 6 buckets or 18 bag pack options for you to choose from.
  • The assortments are available in 3 types of threads and to differentiate the 3 assortments, each type of thread has been packaged in a different coloured bucket. Eg. UNC bolts are supplied in Blue buckets, UNF are in Red and the Metric is in Green.
  • Every assortment contains generous quantities of the most popular sizes and fewer bolts are supplied of the less popular sizes.
  • The nuts and bolts supplied in these assortments are of premium quality and manufactured to meet or exceed the Australian and New Zealand Standards.
  • All of the nuts and bolts supplied in our industrial assortments are hexagon headed, zinc plated and hi-tensile. (Imperial bolts: Grade 5 and 8 --- Metric bolts: Property class 8.8)
  • “The bolts aren’t just dumped into the bucket”; to make it fast and simple to find a specific bolt, all the bolts are sorted by diameter into labelled bags, regardless of their lengths.
  • Anybody that buys an assortment will quickly recover their initial purchase cost, just by reducing machinery downtime and eliminating the costly trips to town.
  • All of the above equates to less downtime, better productivity, increased profit and less frustration.
Company Information and Policy

These various assortments are packed in Nyngan, New South Wales and dispatched throughout Australia by Quee Holdings Pty Ltd. With over 50 years experience in the engineering industry, the expertise of this Australian owned and operated company has enabled it to successfully contribute to meeting a number of the industrial and automotive needs. The latest being the equipment that prevents motor vehicles from catching fire when they are involved in an accident.
(See above CarCrashFires)

Throughout those years, we realised that a well-structured assortment of hi-tensile nuts and bolts was desperately needed for the Australian industrial industry. It became apparent that the amount of time that an average person waisted, just looking for a common sized bolt would be costly and frustrating for them.

Quee Holdings rectified this situation by producing the concept, “A-Bucket-A-Nuts-N-Bolts™”

The unique packaging system developed by this company has enabled this company to supply the Australian fastener market with a quality product at a very competitive price.

If you have a suggestion as to how we may be able to improve our service to you, please inform us.

Thank you for calling and please come again soon.

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